Comet Busters!


[Comet 1.4 game screen] You think you've seen it all? Play the mutant offspring of the grandpappy of video games -- with much awesome graphics, sound, and arcade action for Windows 3.1/95! Evil saucers, alien cronies, and flying chunks of dead planets are all waiting to tear you apart! Celebrate your video gaming roots and download Comet Busters!

Download Comet Busters! 1.4 now! (comet14.exe, 1078K)

If that doesn't work, click here to get a list of FTP servers around the world that carry Comet 1.4.

New! You can now register Comet Busters! online. All major credit cards are accepted. However, this service imparts a $5.00 service charge. You can also register by calling 1-800-WWW2REG.

NOTE: If you are thinking of registering, 
please send to our new address (it might
not get there otherwise!):

2482 Vineyard Lane
Crofton MD 21114

Comet Busters! Features:

Also check out the Comet Busters! Immortals Page, listing the top-scoring registered players of all time.

The Comet Busters! forum would be here if you had Java

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