JAVID Questions & Answers

What is JAVID?

JAVID is a process for supplying users with real-time video on the World Wide Web. All the user needs is a Java-enabled browser like Netscape 2.0 or MSIE 3.0, and video instantly appears on their display! There's no separate application to install, and no waiting for a huge file to download. The user perceives JAVID as "instant video".

How does it work?

Thanks to our unique encoding method, JAVID can supply real-time video at 5-15 frames/sec over a standard dial-up connection. The actual bandwidth required depends upon the size, complexity, and desired quality of the video clip. All of these parameters can be configured when encoding to JAVID format. The clip can be made to play automatically when the page is loaded, or the user can control playback via a pop-up control panel.

Is it easy to install?

All that is needed to add video to your web site is a link to the JAVID applet and a set of small files for each movie. There is no need for a special server or configuration; all the files are accessed through HTTP. You can even set it up so that if the user doesn't have a Java-capable browser, he sees a static image, or has the option to download a standard video file.

I don't have space/bandwidth for video.

JAVIDs are tiny -- typically only 10% the size of MPEGs. Their transfer rate is correspondingly less, so there is no need to worry about excess load on your site. A general rule of thumb is 100K/minute of video at 160x120. JAVIDs are also cached on the user's hard drive, so if they want to see it again, they don't have to hit the server.

What about audio?

JAVID can play an audio file synchronized with the video. But because Java does not support compressed audio streams, the bandwidth requirements on audio are costly. However, the total bandwidth requirements are less than that of a QuickTime or AVI video even with audio. We can also offer custom alternatives to a continuous soundtrack -- for instance, play short sound effects at given times during the movie, or have a "closed-captioned" text display for narration.

How do I convert my files to JAVID?

HAMCO is now selling the JAVID Encoder, which encodes AVI files to JAVID movies. By using one of the many shareware or commercial movie converters, you can convert MPEG and QuickTime files as well. Please
contact us for more information regarding the JAVID Encoder. We can also assist in designing custom Web sites and applications that make use of JAVID.
2482 Vineyard Lane Crofton MD 21114

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