Latest version is 0.92

Sonitica is a real-time MIDI renderer and effects processor for Windows 3.x. It will take MIDI files as input and generate a waveform rendering of the piece, which can include an almost unlimited number of polyphonic voices, and any number of effects such as reverb and chorus. Sonitica features a sound-processing language that enables you to create your own effects and instruments. This version has the ability to play General Midi files, and also comes with a MOD-to-MIDI conversion program that will allow you to play your MOD files in Sonitica.

Sonitica also will allow you to record one or more tracks while you render the MIDI file. So you can sing or play along with the music, add effects, and mix it back into the midi file, where it will be played in perfect sync with the music.

Sonitica requires Windows 3.x/95 (don't know about NT), and at least a 486-DX33 for basic real-time rendering with reverb at 22050 KHz (well, actually more like 18000 KHz for most cases).

Download Sonitica 0.93 now! (, ~1.2M)

From this server

Download Sonitica 0.92 now! (, ~1.2M)



Download a short sample of Sonitica's output (valkyrie.wav, 22050 KHz, 16-bit, ~300K)

Here are some sample MIDI files that work well with Sonitica. Also check out the awesome collection at the Classical MIDI Archives.

Sonitica is still a work-in-progress. It is a 16-bit program trying desperately to be a 32-bit program, and I plan to rewrite it completely when I get a 32-bit Delphi (yes, amazingly, it is in Pascal). It's instruments are crude, being mere samples, with no envelope shaping or multi-part sample loops.

I am requesting donations of instrument samples! This version only has about 50 instruments. I also welcome suggestions for non-obvious improvements. Here are some obvious ones:

Don't get the impression that it is an unstable program -- for being such a large hack, it hasn't crashed on me in a long time. Its MIDI decoding has behaved especially well. And it's a heck of a lot better than OPL3 synthesis! For most things, at least...

Things I've added since the first release (0.9):

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